Familiarize yourself with important traffic laws and standard safety protocols for riding a golf cart in Delray Beach.

Looking for fun and reliable transportation for your trip? Golf carts are simply the best option for exploring the Delray Beach community. In light of being convenient and efficient, golf carts happen to be one of the safest ways to get around downtown Atlantic Avenue. However, improper use or lack of experience operating a golf cart can increase your risk of an accident or injury. Here are a few things to keep in mind before setting out on the road:

Is it legal to drive a golf cart in Delray Beach?

Yes! As long as a golf cart or low-speed vehicle follows city guidelines, it is legal to drive on public roadways in Florida marked 35 MPH or less. A golf cart must have a license plate and vehicle identification number, just like a regular motorized vehicle. The Cart Shop ensures all of our golf carts are registered and insured, with key safety features including headlights, tail lights, automatic parking brakes, rearview mirrors, seatbelts, and a windshield.

Golf cart rental 101:

If you’ve never driven a golf cart or low-speed vehicle before, you might be curious how similar it is to driving a regular vehicle. In general, it’s important to orient yourself with the local traffic rules and code of ordinances in Delray Beach to make sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

In addition to Delray Beach traffic regulations, the following road rules will help newcomers ensure the safest experience while driving a golf cart:

● Only operate on roads marked 35 MPH or less. The Cart Shop will provide you with a boundary map as well as a detailed map of the downtown area with your street-legal golf cart rental.
● Keep at least a three-second following distance from the car in front of you.
● Be mindful of sharp turns.

Additional safety tips:

A golf cart should always be driven just as you would a regular sedan, SUV, or truck. With safety in mind, golf cart renters should take into account the following road rules:

● Always wear your seatbelt
● Keep your body inside the cart at all times
● Only carry the number of passengers that you have seats for
● Yield to pedestrians
● Avoid sharp turns and sudden starts or stops
● Never leave the keys in the golf cart
● Be mindful of blind spots when switching lanes
● Don’t operate the golf cart when any passenger is standing up, all passengers are to remain seated and buckled
● Keep your eyes on the road
● Never drive a golf cart under the influence of drugs or alcohol
● Avoid driving in inclement weather, such as heavy rain or lightning storms

Now that you have the basic rules of the road, it’s time to enjoy your golf cart in Delray Beach. The Cart Shop is here for all your golf cart rental needs. Contact us today at (561) 414-2995 if you have any questions about scheduling a golf cart rental.