Here you’ll find the best information on how to plan your time and transportation in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida.

As you arrive in Delray Beach, you’ll quickly discover there is a lot to explore! From the amazing beach destinations to the buzzing downtown, visitors often need days or even months to experience all there is to offer in the iconic ‘Village by the Sea’. Luckily, no matter how long you plan on staying, there are plenty of affordable and convenient transportation options to make the most of your trip.

In addition to The Cart Shop, we’ll outline the top ways to get around Delray Beach along with helpful insights on how to optimize your time on Florida’s southeast coast.

What are the best ways to explore Delray Beach?

If you’re wondering why Delray Beach is so popular, all it takes is a few minutes encompassed by the charming downtown area to see why millions of visitors travel to the area each year. It’s simply the best of all worlds thanks to the world-class dining, Pineapple Grove Arts District, and breathtaking beaches just a short distance away.

If you’re looking for transportation in Delray Beach this holiday season, the following list details the greatest ways to get around year-round:


For those who spend months at a time soaking up the sun in Delray Beach, FL, renting a car is often the most common means of transportation. It is perhaps the easiest way to acquaint yourself with the entire city and fortunately, there is exceptional parking in the area. Visitors often ask us, “Is there free parking in Delray Beach?” Yes! Public parking garages are free until 4 pm and all day on Sundays. From Monday to Saturday, visitors will have to pay a flat rate of $5 to park.


Request a ride with a tap of a button and get to experience all that Delray Beach has to offer! With available rideshare services, visitors can spend less time planning their routes and more time joining in the fun and family-friendly activities that are in South Florida. If you have a dinner reservation, you can schedule a ride in advance to make sure you get everywhere on time.


Want to experience the Florida sunshine firsthand? Renting a bike is an easy and exciting way to spend your days exploring downtown Delray Beach. With bike paths conveniently located from Seacrest Boulevard to Lake Ida Road, you can happily take in the sights and stop wherever you please as you make your way through the historic neighborhoods and beachside destinations.

Whether you decide to ride electric or prefer a classic cruiser, visitors have access to a number of bike shops located conveniently within walking distance of Atlantic Avenue and the neighboring area. Most Delray Beach bike shops offer single-day rentals and even weekly and monthly rates for those who plan on hanging around longer.

Golf cart

As Delray Beach has expanded over the years, the need for quick and convenient transportation has become more apparent. Thanks to The Cart Shop, finding a golf cart for your stay is an easy task! Visitors can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in Delray Beach, riding from the beach to brunch in one of our street-legal carts. In our opinion, there is no better way to experience Delray Beach than from the front seat of one of our Icon i60L street-legal golf carts! Be sure to stop by The Cart Shops storefront while you are in town and take a look at their carefully curated showroom displaying authentic vintage automotive decor.

Is Delray Beach walkable?

Absolutely! The ‘Village by the Sea’ lives up to its name by giving visitors a warm and welcoming small-town feel in the heart of a growing community. Around Atlantic Avenue and the surrounding area, you’ll find safe and walkable areas that are lined with sought-after clothing boutiques, top-rated restaurants, salons, and more.

Don’t have a car during your stay? Not a problem! Rent a golf cart and enjoy the versatility of quick and convenient travel to any walking destination in the area. The Cart Shop is ready to schedule a rental for you today for your upcoming visit to Delray Beach, FL.