Renting a golf cart for the first time? Make your trip to Delray Beach as safe as possible with these 5 tips.

Delray Beach is a popular destination among family and friends throughout the year. That’s why publications continually rank it as one of the best places to live in Florida. Admittedly, we’d have to agree! Between the endless sunshine, vibrant nightlife, and expanding foodie scene, Delray Beach has something to offer for each and every type of traveler.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long-term stay, the ‘Village by the Sea’ boasts plenty to see and do within close range of one of the most desirable beaches in South Florida. The best part — shops, restaurants, and bars are all located within 10-20 minutes of one another. Therefore, why not enhance your experience and schedule a golf cart rental for your stay?

The Cart Shop in Delray Beach offers a varied selection of street-legal carts to journey from one place to the next. Though our passion for all-things automotive inspired the opening of our vintage showroom, we know that not every visitor will be accustomed to the ins and outs of a golf cart rental experience. In fact, some may have never even driven a golf cart before booking with The Cart Shop.

That is why we’ve composed this helpful guide for any newbie riders wanting to learn more. If you’re renting a golf cart for the first time, here are a few practical tips to keep in mind as you navigate downtown Delray Beach:

Abide by local traffic laws

If you’ve been driving for decades, it’s likely you know a thing or two about the rules of the road. However, driving a golf cart can seem like a more relaxed experience compared to your average motorized vehicle. Ultimately, it’s not! Although golf carts are fun and convenient, they should be treated the same as your everyday vehicle. We recommend that all renters brush up on the local traffic rules and regulations before hitting the road.

Yield to pedestrians

Delray Beach welcomes thousands of visitors each day, which means you’ll find several street corners and neighborhood hangouts packed with pedestrians. Renters should always stay cautious of pedestrians on sidewalks and while crossing intersections. As Florida law states, all pedestrians have the right-of-way regardless of the type of motorized vehicle you are driving.

Park in a safe location

Worried about where to park your cart? Not a problem! The city of Delray Beach proudly offers multiple free golf cart parking locations around the downtown area.

Check the driving conditions

Visiting South Florida between May and October? You may want to check the weather app before journeying downtown. Around this time of year is when Florida experiences approximately 70% of its annual rainfall. Rainy weather can make roads more unpredictable to drive on, especially if you are new to using a golf cart.

Be mindful of your experience level

Renting a golf cart is truly a memorable experience from start to finish. With that being said, it’s crucial for renters to be mindful of their skill level when navigating roadways. If you’re a new renter, rest assured we have taken every possible step to make our street-legal golf carts drive like a car.

Schedule your Delray Beach Golf Cart rental here

A golf cart rental is a convenient and low-cost means of exploring downtown Delray Beach! Here at The Cart Shop, we ensure all low-speed vehicles and golf carts are equipped with all the standard safety features including:

● Headlights with high beams
● Taillights
● Brake lights
● Turn signals
● Windshield
● Seat belt
● Automatic Parking brake
● Rearview mirrors

If you’re renting for the first time, make sure to acquaint yourself with these basic functions to ensure your safety remains a priority at all times. Have more questions about renting a golf cart in Delray Beach? Contact The Cart Shop today to discuss your booking options.